Annual Exam Questionnaire Form

Please fill out this questionnaire prior to your pet's annual appointment. This will be the information that we will use for your pet's medical record. 

COVID-19 Curbside Process: 

1. If you or someone in your household is sick or has been sick in the past week, please notify our staff; we may need to postpone your appointment.

2. When you drive up to the hospital, please park in a designated parking spot (DO NOT park in front of the hospital's front door), 

3. Call the hospital to let us know you are here. At that time, we will direct you as to the next steps for your pet's appointment. 

4. In person appointments are limited and only on request when appointments are made. The rest will be curbside. 

5. For the safety of our staff members, please wear a face mask during your communications with our team.